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UpFlow is proud to offer it’s partners and users webinars that cover off a wide selection of topics within the products that we distribute to the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to seeing you on a future webinar.

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The below webinars are designed to be 20-30 minutes in length and aimed at any user that is configuring or maintaining PSIcapture’s capture profiles.

EFF? What do you do with that.... - 20th of August 2020

 Although the extended File Format option is not often used, new features have continually been added to build up the options within this Module making it quite a useful feature to know about. Customers have issues with other types of files that don’t fit into the Scanning/Image processing box. EFF opens you up to a world of new opportunities.

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Reporting Options in PSIcapture - 27th of August 2020

 The reporting options in PSIcapture are a little known gem when problem solving and working out where process improvements to your configuration need to be focused on. Every now and then we get requests that say PSIcapture is running slow can you please investigate why. PSIcapture is normally only one small part in the puzzle, how you are scanning, features you are using or not using and hardware can have a big impact on speed. Learn how the reporting module can help you understand what is going on and where. Reporting can also be useful for scanning bureau’s when charging customers for work complete. We will also cover off the Batch Manager Reporting Database that you can use to extend your reporting options.

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Capture process is slow? Where to start looking... - 3rd of September 2020

Every now and then a end user or engineer want’s to know why a capture process takes so long to process documents. There are 4 main areas of concern that we need to first zone in on – Environment, Product, Configuration and the actual documents that are being processed.  We are going to show you some quick steps to work out how to determine where to start looking and which direction to focus on. Once you know this you can then focus your questions and efforts on the specific area of concern. 

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Completed Webinars

Installation Options - 21st of May 2020 - Completed

This Virtual User Training session is all about the Installation options for PSIcapture and will cover off: How to install and upgrade PSIcapture in a Capture Server/Network configuration, how to install and upgrade PSIcapture in a single installation of the product, how to license PSIcapture and reserve licenses, best practice for storage paths, how to configure system alerts and how to configure Load Balancing.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

Classification Options in PSIcapture - 28th of May 2020 - Completed

This Virtual User Training session is all about the range of Classification options within PSIcapture. We will look at the general settings used in different scenarios, pushing classification values to index fields, Page validation considerations, Enabling Classification exceptions, Match Rule configuration options and what to look out for and Form qualifiers.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

Enabling the Power of ACE in PSIcapture - 4th of June 2020 - Completed

This Virtual User Training session is all about enabling the features to get the most out of the Accelerated Classification Engine(ACE) within PSIcapture. This goes beyond using the standard classification form configuration and will focus on Auto Zone Creation elements, Form ID auto naming and Auto Rule creation. The end result is learning new forms and documents within the scanned batch by a user and not in the back end of PSIcapture’s configuration screens.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

Scripting in PSIcapture - Completed

Have you ever wanted to extend the feature set of PSIcapture? This Virtual User Training session is all about the scripting elements that can be used to extend the functionality of PSIcapture to deliver the outcomes that are needed in the business automation process. It will touch on the different areas that are available for you to craft from Auto Import, Separation, Indexing and Quality Assurance steps.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

How to setup for Automation using PSIcapture - Completed

The Auto Import feature is normally configured and forgotten about but when setup incorrect for your business needs this can cause pain to the users and system resources. Learn about the different options in PSIcaptures Auto Import area to help configure the best out come for your process. In this Virtual User Training we will cover off how to enable Auto Import(AI), Workflow Auto Processing (WAP) and monitor automation using the Automation Monitor. We will also look at the configuration that is needed in the Capture Profile, Network AI, Email AI and SharePoint AI options.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

Regex and PSIcapture, tips and tricks - Completed

This Virtual User Training dives into the wonderful world of Regular expressions (Regex). You either love or hate Regex but it is undeniably a massive advantage to extract and verify data in a capture process. We will looks at all the different areas within PSIcapture that you can use Regex and the outcomes it will give you.

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Smart Zones - The 'POWER-UP' in the PSIcapture world - Completed

 This Virtual User Training dives into Smart Zones. Smart Zone aren’t just boring old zones, they can give you the edge in getting out the data you need. Let us take you on the journey around where you can configure them and how to get the most out of them in combination with regex and character filtering.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

Advanced Indexing - Where to start..... - Completed

Most Capture Profiles end up with running a lookup or two within PSIcaptures Advanced Indexing Area but that is only the start of some pretty awesome features that can come in handy when doing concepts that don’t conform to the simple idea of scanning a page in. Let us show you what you can do in each of the areas and why you could use them.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

The hidden secrets of QA Auto Processing - Completed

Most users that configure PSIcapture know about the Quality Assurance Step but in this Virtual User Training session we take a look past the General settings and dive into the Auto Processing options that are available from Image Processing with Triggers or filters, combining documents, Auto Orientation and even running external applications. 

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

A plethora of migrations - Completed

Once a configuration is setup and done it is very unlikely that users will ever change the migration settings but there is so much you can do and configure in the migration area we thought it was worth while to explore some of the options that could help organisations today and new setup that are done in the future. We will cover off the basics that most people know around file Naming and folder creation but will also look at Document filtering, duplicate file behaviours and even running external applications.

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Project Considerations - Planning for Success - Completed

 This Virtual User Training session will focus on what you should be considering when implementing a project for success. We will look at strategies to help you get the information and set the expectations for a smoother project.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

How to approach separation of documents for Capture - Completed

 There are so many options for separation in PSIcapture that it is sometimes hard to work out the best way to do it. This Virtual User Training session will provide some insight on techniques used at Capture Time and what the difference is when building a document with the Classification engine.

Webinar completed - Available via the Partner Portal

Barcode Recognition concepts - Completed

Barcode recognition in PSIcapture can enable document separation, Indexing automation and form identification. This session will take you on a journey in PSIcapture and take a look at the key ways you can configure and get the most out of the barcodes that are used on documents. Areas that we will cover are Barcode Separation, Barcode Recognition, Barcode Form Recognition, Using Barcodes and OCR to increase accuracy and barcode creation using PSIcapture.

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