PSIcapture 7.3 Released

7.3 is now available!

Although there are a number of updates in the latest PSIcapture release our top three improvements are

  • The changes in controlling file age in Autoimport when dealing with Folder and Email imports,
  • The controls we now have when managing and dealing with Confidence alerts via scripting to make the users tasks easier when dealing with validation processes. We can now via scripting disable the alert as the user reviews the index value to save them disabling the alert manually making their job easier and more efficient but still gives them control when to review data that may be suspicious.
  • SharePoint AutoImport issues when dealing with special character in file names.

“These will give us immediate wins in solution concepts for new customers, improvement to existing customers and although deploying a PSIcapture solution is far quicker than it’s capture competitors, a reduction in engineering effort for deployment of solutions giving our resellers of the product a competitive advantage to improve customer business processes” said Steven Chenery, CEO of UpFlow.

Download the latest version today or contact UpFlow support via our partner portal.

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