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Microsoft Content Services

As organisations continue to embrace Enterprise Content Management (ECM), to help streamline business processes and the lifecycle of documents and information, Microsoft is redefining ECM with the introduction of Microsoft Content Services, powered by Office 365 and SharePoint.

As part of this they have launched the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program to support their partners when delivering solutions, to ensure that the transformation of the customers content management approach is practical and attainable. PSIGEN has been successful and are very proud to have been included as a Charter Member for FY19, and to have been identified as “Microsoft Preferred – Content Services”. This accolade was in part as recognition for their work with Mutual de Seguridad CChC, an organisation who work to relieve financial hardship endured by workers and their families due to work-related injuries. The challenge faced by Mutual de Seguridad was to implement a solution that was able to capture documents that arrived via any electronic channel. The solution needed to have OCR capability, to convert documents into searchable PDFs and publish them to SharePoint. The technical staff at Microsoft realised that the project would require an Advanced Capture solution, and turned to PSIGEN and the PSIcapture solution, to develop a proof of concept for the company. The result was that Mutual de Seguridad have been able to significantly reduce the time it takes to process a claim. You can read the full case study here.

The challenges experienced by Mutual de Seguridad are no different to hundreds of organisations across Australia, and PSIcapture provides the Advanced Capture capabilities that these organisations need to make the most from their Office 365 and SharePoint implementations. UpFlow and our partners have the experience and skills required to ensure businesses make the most of their ECM deployment.

UpFlow are the Asia Pacific distributors for PSIGEN, PSICapture and were recently awarded the Top International Reseller award again at the recent PSIGEN partner conference.We have a Vision which sees the ubiquitous use of technology to make organisations more efficient whilst delivering a negligible toll on the environment. The UpFlow solutions team is experienced in the document and content management industry bringing over 100 years of combined experience to the solutions we deliver. We continually strive to be known as a company with a forward looking strategy that leverages technology innovations to execute on our strategies.

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