Scanning to Palace Property Management Software

Do you want seamless integration of scanned Watercare, Veolia, Waikato water invoices and Mercury Power Invoices directly in to your Palace Liquid or Palace LIVE site without needing to do all the data entry?

News Flash ~  you can now also process Real Landlord Insurance and Honan Insurance Invoices into the Palace solution as well!

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If your company is using a Palace Liquid or Palace Live for your Property Management Software, you’re well on your way to having an organised, efficient digital solution for your water rates notices. We can help make the process of getting your documents into Palace easy, fast and automated! Are you sick of keying the data in for these documents?

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The scan to Palace solution can process the following types of documents automatically:

  • Watercare notices
  • Veolia notices
  • Waikato notices
  • Mercury Power Invoices
  • Real Landlord Insurance Invoices
  • Honan Insurance Invoices

Want more options? just ask us!

Watch the video now to see how easy it is to do!

Scanning solution for Palace Property Management

The automated solution requires very minimal end-user involvement, just scan the document or emailing it to a Palace Scanning email address and we take care of the rest. The document will appear in your Palace site via your document flow, indexed and ready to process.

If you’re currently using Palace Liquid or Palace Live for your Property Management Software or are considering doing so, maximising your investment by adding the our Palace scanning solution is a no-brainer. There’s simply no easier way to efficiently process your documents and route them to the Palace.

UpFlow works with Sharp New Zealand to provide this solution to the New Zealand Property Management industry.

For more information Contact us or Sharp New Zealand to discuss your document scanning automation needs with Palace.

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