PSIcapture to M-Files

M-Files Integration with PSIcapture

If your company is using a document management application like M-Files, you’re well on your way to having an organised, efficient digital solution for your files. But what if you could make the process of getting your documents into M-Files easy, fast and automated? PSIcapture has an integration specifically built for M-Files that allows for the seamless migration of scanned documents into your M-Files repository. The automated solution requires very minimal end-user intervention and the end result is documents that are searchable, indexed, properly named and stored in your M-Files application for easy access.

The solution is perfect for organisations that use M-Files and need to be able to optimise the investment they’ve made while also making sure there isn’t a lot of manual work required to make it happen. Choose PSIcapture because of its seamless M-Files integration, as well as its ease of use and price point.

PSIcapture’s migration to M-Files is a unique feature that truly distinguishes PSIcapture as the premier capture and data extraction software. It’s a direct migration written into the software, meaning that once it’s been configured there are no extra steps you need to get through to have the documents moved into M-Files.

The PSIcapture integration with M-Files provides a full document management solution from start to finish. Scan your documents from any device – MFP, fax, desktop scanner, RightFax server, or import documents from a network folder – process the documents through PSIcapture, where you can extract data, and automatically route the documents to your M-Files repository.

Configuring the front-end integration with your M-Files system is easy. When you go to configure your workflow, you’ll find a template already created for an M-Files integration. From there, you just need to enter the server and credentials to connect PSIcapture with M-Files. PSIcapture will then be able to import all the vaults and document classes associated with your specific M-Files application. Before these documents are even captured, you’re able to select the class and vault where you want the documents to be routed.

With the migration configuration, you can set fields and choose customised file naming structures. There’s also an option for conditional migration, which allows migration to multiple vaults depending on specific criteria. Once your documents are processed and you view them in M-Files, they will be organised using the naming structure you defined in PSIcapture, and any data that was extracted in PSIcapture will be auto-populated in the appropriate fields. You’ll also have full-text search capability within M-Files to locate any data contained in the documents.

If you’re currently using M-Files or are considering doing so, maximising your investment by adding PSIcapture is a no-brainer. There’s simply no easier way to efficiently process your documents and route them to the M-Files repository. If you like the idea of a direct migration but you don’t use M-Files, check out our migration options below to see what other direct migrations PSIGEN offers.

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