Peppol e-Invoicing

What is e-Invoicing?

As defined by the Australian Taxation Office, Electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) is the automated exchange of invoice information directly between a buyer’s and supplier’s accounting systems.With e-invoicing there will no longer be a need for businesses to generate paper-based or PDF invoices that must be printed, posted or emailed. Buyers will no longer need to manually enter or scan these into their accounting system.In Australia and New Zealand, the common e-invoicing standard is Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line), which is an internationally established standard. The Peppol standard allows invoice exchange between different accounting systems.





Reduced payment times

Cost savings

Environmentally friendly


PEPPOL e-Delivery Network – An Overview

PEPPOL uses the eDelivery Network to connect different eProcurement systems by establishing a set of common business processes and technical standards. This provides an interoperable and secure network connecting all Access Points using the same electronic messaging protocol and formats and applying digital signature technologies to secure message content.

Once connected to the PEPPOL eDelivery Network (via a PEPPOL Access Point), public agencies and private enterprises can quickly and easily reach any other trading partner, also using PEPPOL.

How can UpFlow help?

As proven workflow and integration specialists, UpFlow is collaborating with various E-invoicing accredited service providers, to enable organisations’ along their path to e-invoicing fulfillment.

Combining the power of e-invoicing with intelligent workflow, makes UpFlow a one-stop solution in the Accounts Payable invoice lifecycle.

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