Rapid Accounts Payable Package

Get control of the process – Rapid AP in 24 hours

We understand businesses must quickly adopt to the new normal – a workforce who are working from home. Our team has put together a Rapid AP Solution which is now available. This provides a simple, quick, easily adopted digital AP process aimed at keeping businesses operational during these times.

By committing to a small investment in technology now, businesses will have a platform available to undertake further digital transformation projects in the future.

For a limited time, this is now available at a discounted price point to support businesses. Term agreements between 12 to 60 months are available. Please contact UpFlow for more details on this offer and find a technology partner in your area.

What is included in the Rapid AP Pack:

  • Full Service Capture, header data is extracted from Invoices and exceptions go to a exceptions user automatically for review.
  • Index fields include: Business Number, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Purchase Order Number, and Total Amount
  • Solution includes ABN / NZBN lookup web Service to return the Vendor name.
  • All features of the FileBound Workflow product version are included.
  • Preconfigured workflow process for AP approvals and Invoice Reviews.
  • Unique Email address to send your invoices to for processing and loading into the workflow process.
  • Validation and duplication checks on document.
  • 2 hour remote training session.

This solution is designed and ready to deploy in less than 24* hours! Get on top of your invoices and gain visibility of the process immediately.

With the information at hand you will know who has the invoice for approval, your cash flow needs that are coming up and visibility of the documents in the invoice approval process.

Stop emailing your invoices around to your teams for approval. Get on board today and start your Invoicing digital journey tomorrow*

Want to know more about this service? Provide your details below and one of the team will assist you.

*on receipt of an order from our technology partners, delivery of user names, email addresses and desired URL path for the site.

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