PSIcapture to Objective ECM


Do you want seamless integration of scanned documents into your Objective ECM environment?

If your company is using Objective, you’re well on your way to having an organised, efficient digital solution for your files. But what if you could make the process of getting your documents into Objective easier, faster and automated? PSIcapture has the ability to integrate to the Objective ECM document repository which is simple and easy to use.

PSICapture delivers an out of the box Objective Integration for your scanning and batch document loading requirements. PSIcapture can connect to any scanner via TWAIN or ISIS drivers, Via MFD’s or via email systems to perform document Classification, Indexing, OCR (PDF or PDF/A) and finally integration into your Objective system.

PSIcapture can be deployed into your workplace with a simple standalone, or multi user installation to automate your scanning requirements into Objective.

Advanced Objective Integration options:

  • Configure Objective Document Catalogue’s from what has already been configured or dynamically based on Index data from the document 
  • Configure Objective Document Type’s from what has already been configured or dynamically based on Index data from the document 
  • Advanced Naming configuration options
  • Dynamically create folder structures based on constant values or document index values.
  • Set the Objective published flag or Corporate value flag
  • Apply the Objective Security Classification ID

In combination with PSIcapture’s Advanced Classification engine you can get you scanned documents uploaded to Objective ECM with ease.

Contact us today and we can arrange a demonstration to show you the power of PSIcapture on your documents.

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