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We are running a number of webinars over the next few months. Please join us to discover more about PSIGEN's PSIcapture application and the power it can deliver to your business.

Is your accounts payable processing still manual?

Is your accounts payable processing still manual?

Is your accounts payable department still keying in data, stamping documents, manually coding or walking invoices around the office for approval? We can help!

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Using SharePoint or Azure?

Using SharePoint or Azure?

Looking for a capture platform that can integrate seamlessly to your SharePoint and Azure platforms? PSIGEN, PSIcapture can do this and more!

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Improve your scanning bureau

Improve your scanning bureau

Struggling to get work through a complex Capture platform that needs high end developers to maintain or wanting more functionality above the scanner software?

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Get to know the products

Advanced Document Capture Software
Turning data into information you can use. PSIcapture does much more than just convert documents from paper to digital format. It’s advanced document capture and data extraction designed to meet all the needs of any organisation.

How PSIcapture Works
Organisations use an array of scanning devices and document management applications to meet their needs, which are subject to change over time. PSIcapture is unique in its ability to integrate with any scanning device and route information to more than 60 ECM systems. No matter the size and scope of an organisation, whether it has 10 employees in one office or 500 scattered across several locations, PSIcapture will make document processes easy and efficient. Competitively priced, truly scalable and uniquely versatile, PSIcapture is the ideal document capture solution. A single capture platform designed to meet all the needs of an organisation, including document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into a document repository.

Why Choose PSIcapture?
PSIcapture's advanced document capture and data extraction features were developed with the real needs of businesses in mind. The tools provided through PSIcapture allow businesses to streamline their information—whether physical documents, digital files, incoming faxes or another format—extract the important information to convert them to searchable PDFs, and route it all to a digital repository. This is about much more than just converting documents from paper to digital format. It’s about turning your data into useful information that can be used to run your business more efficiently.

Distributed QA and Indexing Software
The most efficient way to index and validate documents for distributed team environments. PSIfusion provides quality assurance and indexing capability from any compatible internet browser.

How PSIfusion Works
PSIfusion is a secure way to process documents from anywhere. Ideal for teams that are spread out in several or many locations. The system utilises a team-level organisation with designated supervisors to maintain security and compliance, which makes the process of managing document queues simple and effective. With a built-in barcode generator and seamless integration with PSIcapture, PSIfusion’s true integration with PSIcapture, allows you to leverage all the complex capture functionality of PSIcapture in front-end processing and provides a simple, seamless route to PSIfusion export.

Why is Distributed Indexing and QA Important?
PSIfusion is a secure way to process documents from anywhere. Ideal for teams that are spread out in several or many locations, PSIfusion queues documents that have been captured by PSIcapture to be accessed by specific members of the team. Authorised users are able to perform manual indexing or validate automatically extracted data, and then route the processed documents to the organisation’s ECM system. PSIfusion utilises a team-level organisation with designated supervisors to maintain security and compliance, which makes the process of managing document queues simple and effective.

Automating the flow of work in the cloud
Business can accomplish more by automating even the most complex processes, everywhere and anywhere. FileBound is a secure, cloud-based, document management system that automates enterprise work. Our solution lets you harness the full power of workflow automation. This means we handle the fine details so you and your team can effortlessly manage time-consuming business processes. FileBound also eliminates tedious and costly paper-based processes. This increases your efficiency while adhering to your industry’s compliance standards.

Workflow solutions boost your productivity
Here are some key benefits that you get from implementing a Filebound Solution into your business:

  • Streamline your Accounts Payable department to run smoother with fewer staff, higher transparency and better results.
  • Keep your sensitive Human Resources records safe, secure and available as needed.
  • Implement governance over your key legal contracts including their creation, authorisation and life-cycle management.
  • Improve your Accounts Receivable KPI’s without adding staff.
  • Automate and streamline key staff processes such as performance management, leave application and professional development requests.
  • Reduce your use of expensive couriers to send physical documents.
  • Eliminate time wasted searching for records.
  • Put an end to the trauma of “lost documents” and wasted time completing futile searches. FileBound’s Document Management software ensures your digital transformation project has the right foundation for success.
  • Make your content available wherever you are, whenever you need it and on the device of your choice.

FileBound document and work management makes all this possible!

Integrate your line of business solution with Flow
If you need to share data or automate business processes while avoiding significant investment in new software applications or data structures, Flow Software delivers. Flow provides your business with a method of accomplishing IT systems integration which is seamless and cost-effective.

Flow has developed a simple methodology to configure systems integration faster and smarter. So whether your business is starting out, or is a major enterprise, Flow is scalable and flexible enough to respond as your needs grow. You can be confident that Flow provides a current market-based technology offering that is feature-rich and delivers benefits beyond your expectations.

  • Rapidly Deployed - Implement integrations in a fraction of the time of other software.
  • Powerful - Enterprise level processing power.
  • Infrastructure Friendly - Cloud based or minimal hardware and infrastructure.
  • Scalable - Grows with your business, giving you as many connections and as much data as you need.

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