PSIGEN PSI:Capture provides the ultimate “onramp” software

Over the past few years, scanning copiers and Multi-function Printers (MFP)s have improved in quality and speed. With almost every business having one of these devices, they have naturally become the hub of scanning within every size business. Unfortunately, these devices have many limitations, and require advanced capture software to use them effectively when scanning into an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System like Microsoft SharePoint ( MOSS or WSS ).

PSIGEN PSI:Capture provides the ultimate “onramp” software for scanning and capturing images in to more than 50 ECM systems, and as a Microsoft Partner, PSIGEN are constantly providing integration into Microsoft technologies like SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Capture

With the release of SharePoint 2010, PSIGEN provides the ultimate solution for capturing documents into SharePoint libraries. PSI:Capture lends an expansive assortment of cutting edge features, providing an unmatchable SharePoint 2010 scanning onramp. Users have the convenience of utilizing a built-in SharePoint template to configure workflows in interactive or auto-import mode. Interactive mode gives users the power to manually process documents through capture, index, and quality assurance modules. In contrast, auto-import allows the software to scan documents from a direct connect scanner or network folder, and continue to index, file, and name folders directly to a SharePoint document library

Scanning to Office 365

Microsoft’s latest iteration of SharePoint provides simplified management, cloud-based benefits, and can enhance collaboration through total availability.  But how do you scan documents to Office 365?  One Answer: PSI:Capture.

PSIGEN’s latest enhacement to its advanced document capture application, leverages all the power and efficiency of its SharePoint Capture  features, and has adapted them to the Office 365 application.  Scan to the cloud with dedicated scanners, network scanners, copiers and fax machines.  Along with scanning devices, PSI:Capture also provides image import from network folders, SharePoint WebDAV folders and OpenText RightFax fax servers.  Any way you slice it, PSIGEN offers an affordable automated scanning solution to your Office 365 capture strategy.

 Scan to Office 365 Features:

  • Route documents to Office 365 sites, libraries and folders
  • Automatically set content types and term store information
    based on document characteristics
  • Create standardized folders and file naming schemes
  • Create searchable PDFs with OCR
  • Utilize all of our advanced capture software features,
    including barcoding, OCR, data capture, data extraction and more.
  • Use PSIGEN’s new “list to library” linking technology to
    map SharePoint data to documents