Expansion into New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands

UpFlow is delighted to announce the extension of its distribution rights for PSIGEN’s world class capture solutions [PSIcapture and PSIfusion] into New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands from the 1st of August 2016.

UpFlow has been delivering these solutions, through our valued channel partners, throughout Asia and Australia since 2011 and was recently named PSIGEN’s International Partner of the Year.

All current New Zealand partners [resellers] will transition to UpFlow on 1 August 2016 and will be able to continue to provide PSIGEN products and Professional Services to support their customers in driving efficiency and productivity into their businesses.

Chris Manning is joining UpFlow and will remain a local presence in New Zealand. Chris has a long history with PSIGEN products and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. This is great news for our incoming New Zealand partners as they will join UpFlow’s existing partner network with local support and will now be able to receive the following benefits;

  • Access to the UpFlow’s Partner Portal [] which includes the following functionality;
    The UpFlow knowledge base which contains hundreds of articles including issue resolution, scripting examples, guides and recommendations.
  • A fully featured support ticketing system with a dedicated support department that is open for 12 hours each business day.
  • Access to an 0800 number that will allow for priority escalation of level 1 product issues.
  • Access to a large base of solution consultants and engineers to assist with all your pre-sale and post-sale professional service needs.
  • Access to a new partner price book which includes discounted prices across most product lines.
  • Access to a range of additional product lines [document management, workflow and integration] to assist with their solution building.
  • Access to New Zealand cloud hosted versions of the UpFlow solutions.
  • Scheduled classroom training programs that are delivered at least 4 times a year –
  • For the advanced partners they will get access to our program of fee-free Masters events for extending your solutions building capability.

We are looking forward to working with our new partners and delivering outstanding service to our partners in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

For more information contact

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PSIGEN Releases PSIcapture 6.0

psicapture6_flysheet_imagePSIcapture 6.0.

(Boca Raton, FL)–(May 16, 2016) PSIGEN Software, Inc., the leader in advanced capture and scanning solutions, is delighted to announce the release of PSIcapture 6.0. The newest version of PSIGEN’s flagship advanced capture product offers not only significant feature enhancements, but also a brand-new user interface.

The new UI is a sleek, user-friendly upgrade that allows for a more intuitive user experience, without compromising the robust functionality of the program. Users are able to customise the UI to suit their needs, like choosing an application theme and deciding whether or not to display the module icons and enable certain toolbars. The result is a modernised UI that is suited to the user’s specific needs.

“It’s fantastic to see the new user interface for the PSIGEN product over laying the amazing feature set the product already has at it’s core.” said Steven Chenery, CEO of UpFlow Pty Ltd. “It’s engaging and will provide users and administrators a whole new user experience to drive efficiency’s into their day to day environment.”

The capture profile configuration has been simplified, which will help reduce the time it takes users to set up the capture workflow. A notable component of this simplification is the removal of the “next” button, which allows users to go back and forth between configuration steps as needed. We have also replaced the application toolbar with a ribbon containing easily identifiable icons and command descriptions. Selecting a tab summons the ribbon drop down for that item, and the user can choose to permanently expand the ribbon should they need to access those items frequently. A customisable quick access toolbar can be added to the interface to make any ribbon item easily accessible.

“For the past 20 years, PSIGEN has worked tirelessly to create the most robust advanced capture product on the market. With our latest endeavor, PSIcapture 6.0, the expansive features of the product coalesce with a fresh, clean user interface to give our users a superior experience,” said Bruce Hensley, CEO of PSIGEN Software, Inc.

The goal of redesigning the PSIcapture UI was to make the product more user-friendly and to provide a high level of customization and efficiency during the configuration process. PSIcapture 6.0 accomplishes this through its myriad enhancements, and users can expect an overall improved experience. PSIcapture 6.0 is now available for existing users to upgrade. For more information on PSIcapture 6.0 or other PSIGEN products, contact UpFlow.

About UpFlow
UpFlow Pty Ltd is PSIGEN’s distributor across the Asia Pacific region and is focused on the delivery of Software in the Document Management and Workflow Automation space. Our focus is on providing software solutions to improve processes and workflow automation to businesses through our value added reseller network. For more information on the product or becoming a partner, visit

PSIGEN Software is the innovative leader in document scanning and capture software. For nearly 20 years, PSIGEN has provided software to help organisations convert content into managed digital assets. The solutions focus on cost reduction, flexibility, standardisation and improved efficiency. For more information, visit

“PSIGEN” is a registered trademark in the US, the EU and other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks belong to their respective owners.

PSImaster Training

PSImasterUpFlow is running the first master class in PSIcapture focusing on AP Invoices and the newer Accelerated Classification Features.

The workshop topics that will covered are:
1. Standardisations – Naming conventions for index fields and Classifications
2. ACE – How to build with the latest features (Auto Zone Creation, Classification
Validations and Accelerated Zone Profile Configuration)
3. Line Item configurations (Including the new features that are about to be released)
4. MYOB Configurations
5. QuickBooks Configurations
6. XERO Configurations

This session was fully booked in less than 24 hours. Don’t miss the next master class, Follow our Linkedin company page to find out when the next Master session will be run:

ACE V2 has hit the shelf – New Features 5.4.1

PSI Capture 5.4 New Features

PSICapture will now tell you where index zones need to be placed – “Auto Zone Creation”. The NEW ACE features just gave you a turbo charger in your solution kit bag. Test it out today!

  • Automatic Classification Forms Generation. Instead of manually classifying forms and matching record types, automatically generate them from database column names and row data. Connect to almost any database type, and Capture can connect and convert database info into classification form definitions.
  • In Zone Configuration, OCR zones that are created with the same names as index fields are now automatically mapped.
  • Auto Zone Creation. New zones can now be created automatically for new zone definition profiles. Regular expressions match against OCR text on a form and create zones automatically with minimal user configuration.
  • Accelerated Zone Profile Configuration. Allows for users to create Zone Profiles in the Index module without having to return to document type configuration. Used in situations where a document fails to trigger the correct profile, the current profile needs adjusting, or another profile needs to be selected.

PSI:Capture Online Training You Tube videos are now avaliable

UpFlow is now creating training content that is available to Partners and PSI:Capture Users. This content can be accessed via:

If you would like to see a particular feature please email us at



Upflow is pleased to offer its Resellers and Customers a range of different training options. From customised implementation training to full certification on the platforms. We can ensure you have the skills to maximise your investment in the products.

We are running the following PSI:Capture and FileBound V6 training in Brisbane in 2014

– PSI:Capture training
– PSI:Fusion training
– PSI:Capture Advanced Invoice configurations
– FileBound V6 training

Each course is $950 per participant. There will only be limited spaces; complete the application form for FileBound or PSI:Capture training to ensure a spot.

Certification Courses

CAP-CP – PSI:Capture Certified Professional

The CAP-CP certification program will provide PSI:Capture professionals with general PSI:Capture functionality and configuration knowledge. Upon completion of the certification the professional will have the knowledge and experience in setting up and designing PSI:Capture Document Types and other options that are available within PSI:Capture. CAP-CP certification covers Basic and Advanced Document types through hands on LAB’s.

Cost: Call for Quote
Length: 2-3 Days
Exam: Online
Attendees: Max 8
Who should attend: Anyone wishing to implement PSI:Capture or maintain the solution will benefit from the course.

This certification is offered in a classroom setting and taught by a UpFlow Certified Instructor. Individuals will be required to pass the CAP-CP certification exam. Individuals will have two chances to pass the exam after they have received classroom instruction.

FUS-CP – PSI:Fusion Certified Professional

The FUS-CP certification program will provide PSI:Fusion professionals with general PSI:Fusion functionality and configuration knowledge. Upon completion of the certification the professional will have the knowledge and experience in setting up and designing PSI:Fusion Document Types, PSI:Capture Integration and other options that are available within PSI:Fusion. FUS-CP certification covers PSI:Capture Batch exporting, PSI:Fusion configuration and PSI:Capture Batch Importing through hands on LAB’s.

This course will be beneficial for anyone implementing or managing a PSI:Fusion site. Attendees must have passed the CAP-CP as a prerequisite.

Cost: Call for Quote
Length: 2 Days
Exam: Online
Attendees: Max 8
Who should attend: Anyone wishing to implement PSI:Fusion or maintain the solution will benefit from the course.

This certification is offered in a classroom setting and taught by a UpFlow Certified Instructor. Individuals will be required to pass the FUS-CP certification exam. Individuals will have two chances to pass the exam after they have received classroom instruction.

Contact us now to organise your UpFlow training in:

– PSIGEN’s PSI:Capture
– PSIGEN’s PSI:Fusion
– Capture Assistant for Konica Minolta MFD’s
– OCR Connector for Konica Minolta MFD’s
– Click Here to fill in the training application form.

PSI:Capture with Xerox DocuShare

This week one of Australia’s leading life insurance and wealth management companies went LIVE with the PSI:Capture and DocuShare products. Steven Chenery, CEO of UpFlow was lucky enough to be able to meet the team behind the implementation as they were preparing to turn on the new process. “It was fantastic to see the team at Clearview going through there preparation to go live this week.” said Steven Chenery. “The tight integration with DocuShare allowed a seamless integration of their client documents into the DocuShare solution from Fuji Xerox.”

PSI:Capture is taking the scanned client documents (applications, letters, identification documents etc) and processing them through PSI:Captures image processing options, indexing, redaction and migration directly in to DocuShare. This process was implemented to stream line their business processes and allowing content to be found which is critical to Clearview.

“There are always challenges when changing such a significant part of any business but the implementation team did a fantastic job and are well on the way to running a successful change to their business.” said Steven Chenery “With minimal training the operations team were able to pickup the PSI:Capture platform not only from a user perspective but also from a administration perspective and are already tweaking the document type configuration themselves in the simple 9 step config wizard to improve the processing of work through there business.”

If you want to know how PSI:Capture can be the onramp in your projects for DocuShare please contact

Auto Redaction and Bates Stamping in PSICapture for Legal Documents

New YouTube Clip released: Auto Redaction and Bate Stamping in PSI Capture for Legal Departments

Legal departments love this feature! In less than 2 minutes this video will show you how to Auto Redaction and apply Bates Stamping in PSI:Capture. The redaction feature in PSI:Capture is fantastic for any Legal Documents that need to be processed.

PSI:Capture can also migrate the Document to your Document Management System for storage and retrieval if required. Contact for more information.



Singapore office opening soon

UpFlow are expanding into the Asia region and will have an office located in Singapore shortly. We are currently recruiting for a Channel Manager role and will have a stand at Enterprise IT event at Marina Bay Sands in June. PSI:Capture will be a featured product at the stand and will show how an advanced document capture product can reduce your operating costs and streamline your business processes.

PSI:Capture provides OCR, OMR and ICR processing capabilities which can be extended with the Advance Data Extraction to provide automation to your business processes. This processing power and the ability to migrate documents and data to over 50 Document Management and Enterprise Content Management solutions including SharePoint, Office 365 and FileBound give PSI:Capture the edge to other Capture products.

Enquire now at for more information.

UpFlow signs Value Added Reseller agreement with Sabre Professional Services

UpFlow Pty Ltd are the Distributor in Asia Pacific region for PSI:Capture the Advanced Capture and scanning solution from PSIGEN and is pleased to announce a new Value Added Reseller with Sabre Professional Services. Sabre business focusses on four main areas; Business process improvement, Technical pre-sales support, data analytics and vendor management in the SMB market.

“We are very excited about having Sabre on as a Value Added Reseller,” said Steven Chenery, CEO of UpFlow. “Sabre has an fantastic foundation of knowledge in the Automation of business processes. Having PSI:Capture a part of their tool set will enable Sabre to provide fantastic outcomes to their clients.”

“Sabre is excited with the opportunity to partner with UpFlow to bring Advanced Capture technology to the Australian market.” said David Kerr, Director at Sabre. “At Sabre, our mission is to help businesses optimise their operations through intelligent, flexible solutions. With UpFlow’s products, we have just that.”


About UpFlow

UpFlow Pty Ltd is a distributor of Software in the Document Management and Workflow Automation space. Our focus is on providing software solutions to improve processes and workflow automation to businesses across the Asia Pacific region through value added resellers. For more information, visit

About Sabre

Sabre Professional Services Pty Ltd specialises in helping businesses operate more efficiently and effectively by targeting pain points and areas of waste through data centric business improvement. Our analysts and consultants assist in a range of areas, through Business Process Improvement, technical pre-sales support and solution design, data analytics and vendor management.


CONTACT: UpFlow  CONTACT: Sabre Professional Services