Forms Processing Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Features:

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Module__0003_ICRHow do you convert scanned/captured documents with hand-printed fields to data and migrate them to your Document Management System, CSV or XML files? PSIcapture provides several Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engine options, to provide your organization with the ability to perform text conversions, or focus on specific areas of the page, with Zone ICR.

ICR can be used for forms processing, or for free form hand-printing extraction.

Below is a full ICR feature set for PSIcapture

  • Extract hand-written text from scanned forms and map the information to index fields
  • Utilise ICR zone-based image processing to remove form lines and improve accuracy.
  • Assign field character sets to allow for interpretation of mis-identified printed terms
  • Utilise Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) to extract printed information

Other Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) Features:

  • Zone ICR Separation – ability to split files based on key terms
  • Create Zone ICR processing templates based on document types to gather data from capture images
  • Automatically create SharePoint Document Libraries from captured text
  • Specify zone types and filters
  • On demand ICR provides the ability to interactively extract hand printed portions of a document

Data Sheet | VideoOCR/OMR Module | ADE Module

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