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PSIGEN Software, Inc. was founded in 1995 by leading scanning and capture industry application developers. The mission was to provide robust, yet simple advanced document imaging and search products to our customers. Their software applications provide just that; cutting edge document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features built with state of the art technology, all presented with a user friendly interface. PSIcapture is a scanning and capture onramp for more than 50 ECM systems, and as a Microsoft Partner, they are constantly providing integration into Microsoft technologies like SharePoint 2010.

Paper and electronic invoices place a huge burden on accounting departments, and specifically the Accounts Payable (AP) personell. The pressure to quickly perform invoice processing through AP automation can relieve the pressure, allow the use of early pay discounts and reduce the cost of processing inbound documents. PSIGEN PSIcapture provides a simple and efficient AP solution through the use of automated data extraction (ADE), and point and click OCR. Once invoice data is collected, a simple and efficient process can post line item information to any number of accounting systems and document repositories.

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 application usage is skyrocketing in the corporate world, SPF, 2010 Server and Office 365, and all types of organisations are leveraging the power of this application to collaborate and share all different types of information. Unfortunately, the Microsoft SharePoint platforms, including SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365 , do not provide the technology required to capture/scan document images and to deliver document imaging – document management solutions. PSIGEN Software fills this gap with PSIcapture for SharePoint, providing a feature rich document scanning and capture onramp for MOSS, WSS, and Sharepoint 2010 . Now you capture/scan document images to SharePoint from a wide variety of scanning devices, including direct connect scanners, copiers, MFPs and fax machines. PSIcapture provides simple and flexible configuration options, and for existing document libraries, the software can auto-import all of your columns settings and content type configuration. As for migration, the software can migrate into existing libraries, but can also auto-create document libraries and columns based on index/metadata information.

For advanced users, PSIcapture is a scanning powerhouse, providing the ability to automatically extract document data and route intelligently to SharePoint sites, libraries and folders. In addition, the product can auto-identify content types and build standardized naming conventions. No matter your need or scanning device, PSIcapture can provide an automated solution for your SharePoint scanning needs. PSIcapture SharePoint Data Sheet

Core Capture Modules, The PSIcapture base product includes 8 modules that allow for standard document imaging and capture workflow. These workflows can be built in any order, depending on the types of documents scanned and the required end result.

PSIcapture Core Imaging Workflow Modules


Data Sheets

Supported Migrations

PSIcapture provides the ability to scan and capture images and index data from a scanner, copier or MFP, to a wide variety of industry standard systems through our Migrations Modules. Whether you want to send your information to a standardised network folder structure, or automatically create a Microsoft SharePoint Document Library, we have a migration for you. Below are all the currently supported product Migrations to backend document repositories. If your Document Management or Enterprise Content Management system is not listed here, please contact UpFlow for Migration Script availability.

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