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FileBound | PSIcapture Filebound Datasheet

Optimise FileBound with an advanced Capture and Indexing platform with PSIcapture.

Many industries, from education and healthcare to manufacturing and legal, rely on FileBound to help streamline their paper processes. PSIcapture has a convenient direct integration with FileBound, which makes the process of moving documents into FileBound extremely simple.

The integration allows you to determine everything from the structure of the documents to the naming conventions you want to use and the metadata fields you want to populate. When you run your PSIcapture workflow, the data that is extracted can be used to populate the index fields within your FileBound application.

If your business uses FileBound for document management, pairing with PSIcapture is the optimal way to capture and route documents into your FileBound application. Automate the capture and indexing process for a streamlined document management workflow that can save your organisation time and money—making your business truly efficient.

To learn more about PSIGEN for Filebound, contact UpFlow today.

FileBound | PSIcapture Filebound Datasheet