PSIGEN Releases Accelerated Classification Engine

PSIGEN Software, Inc., the leader in advanced capture and scanning solutions, has announced the release of the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE). This innovative new feature provides the ability to build custom classification form definitions on the fly in the middle of a production batch or within batch mode.

If a document is unable to be classified, the new ACE feature will allow end-users to build rules for the Classification form definition using point-and-click and dropdown lists. They will also be able to select or create new record type(s) for the form, Zonal Profiles definitions and even build Table Extraction settings, if applicable.

“The Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE) is going to change the framework that customers use to process documents through their capture workflow. The changes will allow continuous improvement to documents going through the Capture process and completely rewrite how customers maintain their ongoing configuration needs.” said Steven Chenery, CEO of UpFlow Pty Ltd. “ACE is included in any licensed product under a maintenance agreement for Classification and Table Extraction bundles at no additional cost which is fantastic news for all PSI:Capture customers – just another reason why implementing the PSI:Capture solution adds ongoing value to customer businesses.”

Classification is an extremely useful tool for organising an organisation’s document scanning and capture workflow. It automatically identifies document types, eliminating the need for manually sorting through document pages or inserting separator sheets prior to scanning. The new ACE feature boosts Classification’s current abilities by making it an adaptable learning engine that can continuously be updated to adhere to your business’s changing needs.

PSI:Capture 5.4 brings a number of other automated configuration features for all levels of the product.

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