PSIfusion web based Capture

Capture Anywhere.  PSIGEN’s web-based document capture product PSIfusion provides internet browser queuing and indexing capability from just about any device.  Its built-in barcode generator allows users a simple and efficient way to scan documents into their Fusion queues, index their documents with assigned metadata, and then send them on to their end destination.

Fusion can be utilized for MFP Scanning, inbound fax queuing and routing, capture workflow and approval, mail room routing and much, much more.  With a simple and intuitive user interface, the product allows for quick training and deployment.

True integration with PSIGEN’s Flagship document capture product PSIcapture Enterprise, allows an organisation to leverage all the complex capture functionality in front end processing, and a simple route to Fusion export.

Core Features in PSIfusion

Powerful web client capture

With a focus on simplicity and power, Fusion can provide the following features to any organization:

  • Web client indexing and queuing
  • Support for database linked fields for queries and dropdowns
  • Built in barcode cover sheet generator allows for “scan to me” functionality from any network scanning device or fax
  • Full image viewer includes thumbnail views, rotate buttons, drag and drop, delete page and delete document functions
  • Security model includes a Team organization with supervisors
  • Supervisors can manage, move and assign document queues

PSIfusion for MFP’s
PSIfusion offers a deep feature set for distributed capture applications in shared-equipment environments where multiple users share tasks and equipment such as office MFP’s.

PSIfusion for Service Bureau’s

PSIfusion is purpose-built for Service Bureaus. With a rich, robust administrative feature set, no-corners-cut remote access distributed capture is now a reality.

PSIfusion for Fax Processing
PSIfusion’s distributed web-based model streamlines remote and local fax processing tasks.

PSIfusion Overview

Fast, Efficient Web based Capture. PSIfusion provides a powerful thin client indexing and queuing feature set.  Built for distributed capture environments, it is simple to deploy, and requires very little training before users can being capturing documents.

Web Capture Features

What Fusion features do you need?

  • Route to Me Feature
  • Drop Down Lists
  • Database Lookups
  • Drag and Drop Ordering
  • Rotation
  • Manage Queues
  • Supervisor Notification
  • Reassign Documents

Fusion Video’s