PSI:Capture with Xerox DocuShare

This week one of Australia’s leading life insurance and wealth management companies went LIVE with the PSI:Capture and DocuShare products. Steven Chenery, CEO of UpFlow was lucky enough to be able to meet the team behind the implementation as they were preparing to turn on the new process. “It was fantastic to see the team at Clearview going through there preparation to go live this week.” said Steven Chenery. “The tight integration with DocuShare allowed a seamless integration of their client documents into the DocuShare solution from Fuji Xerox.”

PSI:Capture is taking the scanned client documents (applications, letters, identification documents etc) and processing them through PSI:Captures image processing options, indexing, redaction and migration directly in to DocuShare. This process was implemented to stream line their business processes and allowing content to be found which is critical to Clearview.

“There are always challenges when changing such a significant part of any business but the implementation team did a fantastic job and are well on the way to running a successful change to their business.” said Steven Chenery “With minimal training the operations team were able to pickup the PSI:Capture platform not only from a user perspective but also from a administration perspective and are already tweaking the document type configuration themselves in the simple 9 step config wizard to improve the processing of work through there business.”

If you want to know how PSI:Capture can be the onramp in your projects for DocuShare please contact