Make your Konica Minolta MFDs into an Onramp for your Document Management Solution. The simple configuration and design will allow for a quick setup and distribution of the required scanning options on all KM MFDs within a business.

In combination with the powerful migration options that PSIGEN’s PSIcapture has, you will be able to quickly process and drive your DMS and critical business processes. There are 60 migrations to chose from including Xero, Microsoft SharePoint, FileBound, HP Trim, Objective, Therefore, DocuShare, Laserfiche and many more.

Download the brouchure: UpFlow_PSICapture Routing_KM

PSICapture Routing

Scan with PSIcapture KM Routing highlightsPSI Capture Routing

  • Configure unlimited templates
  • Distribute templates to  selected MFDs
  • Allows for optional index data to be added at scanning time
  • Simple interface
  • Integrates with PSIcaptures advanced Capture features


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