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EasyAP_160x600_LgSkyscraperAre your paper accounting processes dragging you down? Are you looking for a way to streamline your accounts payable processes and file your invoice, purchase orders and contracts electronically? PSIcapture is the solution:

Easy AP is a combination of invoice processing automation and efficiency-based features within the PSIcapture document scanning and capture application that allows you to breeze through scanning invoices, capturing invoice information, posting data and archiving invoices for later access.

The PSIcapture solutions provide AP Automation for every budget, and can easily be expanded once an organisation get digital invoice processing underway.

With Easy AP, you can automatically collect invoice information, such as vendor, invoice number, total and date.  With Point and Click, you can easily enter or correct data with just the click of a mouse.  Once complete, the PSIcapture product provides 60 plus connectors to industry document management systems. Exporting invoice data is also a breeze.

Invoice Processing features include:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts your scanned invoices to searchable PDFs.
  • Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) provides invoice automation by extracting invoice information.
  • Automated classification of vendors for easy of information gathering.
  • Quality Assurance for invoices provides a simple, effective spreadsheet view to validate invoice information.
  • Migration will export invoice information to standard formats such as database tables XML or CSV.

AP Header Level extraction

AP Line Item extraction

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