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(Boca Raton, FL)—(1/18/2017) PSIGEN Software, Inc., the leader in advanced document capture and scanning solutions, today announced that it has acquired Cabinet Document Management Solutions, an Alabama-based provider of content management, workflow and business process automation solutions.

PSIGEN will continue to develop and support Cabinet’s flagship product, SAFE. PSIGEN will offer SAFE as both on-premise and cloud offerings through many of its 500-plus authorized resellers worldwide, in addition to Cabinet’s existing VAR and integrator channel.

“This acquisition allows PSIGEN to significantly increase the breadth of our product offerings and provide a remarkably full-featured, end-to-end document capture and workflow solution for any company, on almost any platform. PSIGEN and Cabinet distributors, VARs and clients will realize significant benefits, not only with the ability to add workflow, robust search, and data analytics capabilities to just about any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform; but to pair it with the most Advanced Document Capture solution in the world. Creating a truly integrated, proven suite of software solutions will empower clients to transform the way they manage mission-critical documents, processes and business information,” said Bruce Hensley, PSIGEN’s CEO.

“It is exciting to see PSIGEN expanding its capabilities and software products that will be available via this acquisition.”  said Steven Chenery, UpFlow CEO. “The SAFE Document management and workflow solution from Cabinet with the PSIcapture and PSIfusion solutions will be a powerful package working together to deliver an end to end business process automation solution.”

While the union of PSIGEN and Cabinet is new, the partnership between the companies is not. This acquisition is borne out of a 17-year partnership between PSIGEN and Cabinet, poising the blended company for a successful new life as the premier provider of advanced document capture and workflow solutions.

PSIGEN Resonance 2016

Its here #PSIres16 – The PSIGEN Resonance conference has just kicked off. PSIcapture

Over the next few days we will be tantalised with the latest version of PSIcapture 6.0 which is a complete new UI for the product. A focus on PSI fusion 3.0, Mobile Capture, Email Capture, Panel integration and PSI Certifications are all on the agenda.

Want to find out more? Follow the UpFlow Linkedin page and we will post updates directly from the conference: UpFlow’s Linkedin 

PSIcapture 6.0

Ready for #PSIres16? We are!capture

Be among the first to see PSIcapture 6.0. The newest version of PSIcapture will debut at Resonance in Las Vegas on the 24th April, and you will not want to miss it. 6.0 isn’t just an upgrade to PSIGEN’s current program – it’s a totally revamped product, complete with a brand new user interface, tons of incredible new features and much, much more.

Want to find out more? Follow the UpFlow Linkedin page and we will post updates directly from the conference: UpFlow’s Linkedin 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

pushtostartPSIGEN has released PSI:Capture Version 5.4.1. The new version contains an array of useful updates to improve the user experience and reduce the time it takes to perform functions like Classification and Data Extraction.


Expanding ACE functionality

In April, PSIGEN released the Accelerated Classification Engine (ACE), which allows users to classify new document types in the middle of a batch, without having to stop the workflow. In the new version, ACE becomes even faster and more efficient than ever. With ACE’s improved functionality, it won’t matter whether you are doing the very first setup of your documents or if it is your one millionth run—if ACE has never seen a certain document before, the document will be classified with the information ACE has accessed, and the user will simply verify that ACE is correct.

“The new features in ACE have just changed the game again!” said Steven Chenery, CEO of UpFlow Pty Ltd. “ACE was a significant step out within the Capture software industry last April. These new features have now cemented a significant strategic advantage over other capture providers in the market today. It also shows PSIGEN’S continued commitment to deliver innovate product solutions in this space. Although we cannot disclose the next round of updates yet, we are already looking forward to the next release and the benefits it will bring our resellers and end customers.”

Taking a closer look at the New ACE features:

  • Auto Generate Forms from a Database. With the 5.4.1 release, ACE will be able to connect to the user’s database and preconfigure Classification Forms and rules using already existing data. The end-user’s only job will be to validate the information the first time a new form is classified. With the ability to use existing data to create Classification Forms, ACE will make the process of setting up an organisation with PSI:Capture faster than ever. So fast, in fact, that users will be able to easily configure the classification of a document in less than a minuteOther document capture companies might be able to perform this function—but can they do it this accurately and this fast?
  • Auto Zone Creation: This feature provides a turbo booster to your capture solution. It expands ACE’s functionality into the indexing/data extraction process, greatly reducing the time it takes to extract data from your documents. By utilising information about what index data you want to collect, PSI:Capture will look throughout the document at configuration time and auto-place smart zones when it finds the information needed for extraction. Just like with ACE’s database classification function, all the user will have to do to index the data is validate the placement of the smart zones one time for each document/record set combination.
  • Accelerated Zone Profile Configuration: If Zone Data Extraction fails on a document due to either misplaced zones or the absence of a matching Zone Profile, the end user can now edit the assigned profile, create an entirely new profile, or manually select an existing profile to assign to the document. This brings the power of ACE and Classification Forms to the Index module and Zone Definition Profiles.

There’s never been a better time to see what PSI:Capture has to offer your business. With an incomparable level of automation and flexibility, PSI:Capture is the key to unlocking your organisation’s potential.

To learn more, contact an UpFlow representative via

About UpFlow
UpFlow Pty Ltd is PSIGEN’s distributor across Asia Pacific region and is focused on the delivery of Software in the Document Management and Workflow Automation space. Our focus is on providing software solutions to improve processes and workflow automation to businesses through our value added reseller network. For more information, visit

PSIGEN Software is the innovative leader in document scanning and capture software. For nearly 20 years, PSIGEN has provided software to help organisations convert content into managed digital assets. The solutions focus on cost reduction, flexibility, standardisation and improved efficiency. For more information, visit

International Partner of the Year – 2014

The PSIGEN Partner conference was recently held in Delray Beach Florida. It was attended from wide range of partners big and small. UpFlow was also in attendance and received the International Partner of the Year award for 2014! This recognises the hard work and passion that we have for the PSIGEN products in Asia Pacific and is shared with all our partners that have made this possible.

International Partner of the year 2014

PSI:Capture V5.1: AP Invoice Processing Focus

PSIGEN Releases PSI:Capture V5.1: AP Invoice Processing Focus

BOCA RATON, FL., Nev., June 9, 2014 – PSIGEN Software, Inc., the leader in advanced document scanning and capture, released v5.1 today, the latest version of its flagship document capture product, PSI:Capture.

This latest release has enhancements that augment PSIGEN’s EasyAP offering to simplify and accelerate the processing of accounting documents. The key core module in v5.1 is the Table Extraction Module, which automatically identifies and extracts invoice line item table data. Along with this module, additional features have been added to PSIGEN’s Classification Module to provide enhanced accuracy and automation in form and document identification.

“Our Accounts Payable solution has had fantastic traction in all markets. Businesses are looking for an affordable, efficient solution.” said Bruce Hensley, of PSIGEN. “In 5.1, we have taken all the feedback from our customers and partners, and really taken our product to the next level when it comes to invoice processing. We created an AP Automation product that is simple to configure, and takes minimal time to get to production.”

“AP Automations continue to be in high demand in our Asia Pacific region and it is very important to us that we are providing a robust and effective solution to our partners for their AP Invoice implementations” said Steven Chenery, CEO for UpFlow Pty Ltd. “With the latest release, PSIGEN have once again delivered a framework that will improve the lives of the end users and provide a quick ROI to the business.“

The release also has 60 new features and enhancements that go beyond invoice processing and focus on simplified configuration, workflow auto-processing and enhanced data extraction accuracy.

An overview of v5, feature listings and demonstration videos can be found at

For more information and demonstration videos on PSIGEN’s suite enterprise capture solutions, go to


PSIGEN Software is the innovative leader in document scanning software. For more than 18 years, PSIGEN has provided software to improve all the processes around the conversion of paper to digital documents. The solutions focus on cost reduction, flexibility, standardization, and improved efficiency. PSIGEN delivers these solutions through a network of resellers and distributors in the US and abroad. For more information, visit

“PSIGEN” is a registered trademark in the US, the EU and other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks belong to their respective owners.

About UpFlow

UpFlow Pty Ltd is a distributor of Software in the Document Management and Workflow Automation space. Our focus is on providing software solutions to improve processes and workflow automation to businesses across the Asia Pacific region through value added resellers. For more information, visit



PSI:Capture 5.1 Released

Hot of the production line PSI:Capture Version 5.1 has just been released!

Any existing userspsicapture_flysheet_image under maintenance can now upgrade to this latest version. There are a number of New Features and Feature Enhancements that have made there way on to the release package. Significant advances in the Classification Module have been made. The changes will make implementations and maintenance significantly improved in this area. The point and click ability to build up your regular expressions make classification a simple and quick task. Once Classified the user can now use the built in Table Extraction for line item details.

Please see below for the overview of the latest changes.

New Features

  • Classification now offers a new feature that enables location and extraction of table contents.
  • Added a point-and-click automatic regular expression builder to the the Classification Rule Designer.
  • Changes to document types are now audited in the new Document Type History window. In Configuration, click the “calendar” button next to each document type to view.
  • Auto Import Processing stations can now be configured to monitor workflow queues using a new feature called Workflow Auto Processing.
  • Zone Anchor Configuration now allows anchors to be set at any location.
  • Classification forms can now be defined globally and shared across different document types.
  • OCR Assisted Indexing can now be limited to unclassified documents, or documents with no triggered Zone Definition Profile.
  • The product license key can now be conveniently selected and copied to the clipboard from Help > View License Details.
  • Added links to our Documentation Wiki under the Support section on the sidebar, and in the Help menu.
  • The minimum DPI for scanned or imported images can now be bypassed using settings in Capture Module configuration.
  • In Classification Configuration window, under the Classification Options tab, added the ability to filter which Classification forms are run on a document type by selecting from a list of form groups.
  • XML and Text Migration output files can now be named using the migration time stamp.
  • Accidentally miss a chance to add a regular expression to the global list? In the Configuration window, under Regular Expressions, a button has been added to import all document type specific regular expressions that are not already present in the global list.

Feature Enhancements

  • Added a migration option for FileBound version 7.
  • Added Dynamic Zones which resize automatically based on the size of the processed image.
  • Classification options have been added to run separate processing on the last page of a document, and to combine all pages in between.
  • In the Regular Expression Editor window, added a checkbox option to save the entered expression to the global list while bypassing the usual dialog prompt that appears.
  • Added a configurable timeout value for regular expressions to prevent complex ones from “freezing” the product.
  • Added support for Tracking Fields in the Xero Migration.
  • Role Definitions can now be modified to restrict access to the Service Manager.
  • The Document Separation option of “Separate when Zone OCR/ICR Match value changes” now has an option to separate documents only when the value stored as the folder separator changes.
  • The error message “Not enough storage is available to process this command” now includes more robust details.
  • In Index Module configuration, added an option to automatically advance to the next index field when using On-Demand OCR/ICR.
  • In Zone Configuration, added a button to run Image Processing filters on the loaded template image.
  • When a Database Migration throws an error stating that a string would be truncated, the error now indicates which value in detail.
  • In the Ademero Content Central Migration, added the ability to dynamically choose migration buckets for catalogs and document types.
  • Users can now select between the EMC and RecoStar auto-orient methods on images flagged as indeterminate.
  • Added a Page Processing Settings area to Classification Configuration, allowing the user to indicate which page(s) classification should process.
  • The OCR Module default settings are now adjusted to favor a smaller, more compressed output file.
  • Added an icon to each zone in the Zone Configuration window as an indicator that changes color based on whether it has Image Processing filters active.
  • A list of the currently active Image Processing commands has been added to a tab within the Zone Configuration window.
  • The Barcode Utility now properly displays large values for barcodes.
  • Added configurable options for Smart Zone Zoom in both the Index and Quality Assurance modules.
  • The Zone Configuration window now has a maximize button.
  • In Smart Zone Configuration, the direction in which anchors are processed can now be specified when multiple anchors produce a match.
  • The coordinates of the rectangle which surrounds words selected during OCR Assisted Indexing are now available in scripting as the DataSourceBounds property.
  • The Objective Migration can now optionally migrate to a user’s home folder based on user ID.
  • Batch Import via the Batch Manager now has an extra option to copy the imported batches to a new directory.
  • Batch Import via the Batch Manager now has an extra option to copy the imported batches to a new directory.
  • The default OAI line tolerance value now favors higher accuracy when capturing multiple lines of text.
  • The Xero Migration can now optionally delete image files after the migration processes.
  • Added script access to setting the “high priority batch” flag.
  • A much larger number of record types can now be entered simultaneously using the Add Multiple button.
  • In the Smart Zone Configuration window, child zones can now be resized by dragging their edges like regular zones can.
  • In the Match Expression Settings dialog, buttons for Select All and Unselect All have been added to facilitate easier control over large amounts of record types.
  • Several Zoom to Zone options have been added in document type configuration when defining a zone as “On Demand OCR/ICR”.
  • PDF structure errors that are not critical will be silently logged as warnings instead of actively displayed as errors.
  • The Papervision / Image Silo Migration now has an option to generate a submit file with a static filename, or with the same name as the output file.
  • Wildcard characters are now implicit when searching using Custom Filters on columns in Batch Manager.
  • In the Zone Configuration window, the Zone Profile list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Zone Definition Profiles can now be triggered via Classification Form ID.

Training dates for 2014 for PSI:Capture and PSI Fusion have been released

Upflow is pleased to offer its Resellers and Customers a range of different training options. From customised implementation training to full certification on the platform (see more details below) we can ensure you have the skills to maximise your investment in the platform.

Contact if you have a current training requirement.

We are running the following PSI:Capture and FileBound V6 training in 2014;

  1. PSI:Capture
  2. 24/25th of Feb, 19/20th of May, 18/19th of Aug and 17/18th of Nov.

  3. PSI:Fusion – Pre req. completed PSI:Capture training.
  4. 21st of May

  5. PSI:Capture – Advanced Invoice processing – Pre req. PSI:Capture training.
  6. 20/21 of Aug

  7. FileBound
  8. 26/27th of Feb, 22/23rd of May, 25/26th of Aug and 19/120th of Nov.

Each course is $950 per participant. There will only be limited spaces; complete the application form for training to ensure a spot.

Special Note: In conjunction with the Asia Partner Ambersoft we will be running PSI:Capture training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 26th and 27th of Feb 2014. This course will be covering the basic and advance document types within the advanced capture engine – PSI:Capture. For more information or to join in to the training course please contact directly for details.

Version 5.0.1 Released

This release includes 20 Feature enhancements and also 3 new features. Please see the release notes on the Partner Portal or contact UpFlow for more information.

Main points are:

  • PSI:Capture now has both lookup and migration connectivity to Xero
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable credit notes are now supported in the Xero migration.
  • A range of QA module changes
  • Text Migrations can now optionally insert Base-64 image encoding in the last column of the text file.

PSI:Capture version 4.6 has been released and is now avaliable

PSIGEN has released over 70 new features and enhancements to the advanced PSI:Capture platform.

Check out the PSI:Capture 4.6 slide show for more information