Demonstrations Masters Event

Over the last couple of days, Lee Bourke (CEO – FileBound Australia) and Steven Chenery (CEO – UpFlow) led our Demonstrations Masters Event. With their vast experience and knowledge of software solution demonstrations, the Sales and PreSales Techs demonstration-mastersundertook a demonstrations transformation. Everything the attendees knew about how to perform a solution demonstration was thrown up in the air and by the end of the day using the key discovery and delivery techniques they had learned, all delivered amazing demonstrations. Well done! We look forward to seeing your many successful demonstrations in the future.

“It was extremely valuable… not just from content you provided, but the logic around shifting your mindset and approach to demonstrations” – Robby

“took away some valuable tools to help our colleagues and us construct and deliver targeted dems” – Brett

Masters – Advanced Workflows designs

The next scheduled Masters Workshop event will be Thursday April 7, 2016. This Masters_Excellence_Program_icon_001SMasters Workshop will be themed on Accounts Payable (Financial Solutions) and will be focused on developing Advanced Workflows designs which will employ a raft of scripting methods with both VB and PowerShell to efficiently process inbound Invoices and Line Items metadata.  These scheduled Masters events are by invitation only and will have limited seats made available, this is to ensure the all Masters attendees get maximum value in progressing intimate knowledge with new concepts and approaches presented.

Should you be successful in receiving a Masters invitation to this workshop, please have your applicable approvals for attendance / travel processed as soon as possible. The first eight (8) respondents to reply to the invitations will secure their position and this will be conveyed in an email.

If you are interested in any of our Master events and feel you have the prerequisites to handle the advanced content please let us know so we can make sure you are reviewed as a potential invitee to these fantastic events.