ACE V2 has hit the shelf – New Features 5.4.1

PSI Capture 5.4 New Features

PSICapture will now tell you where index zones need to be placed – “Auto Zone Creation”. The NEW ACE features just gave you a turbo charger in your solution kit bag. Test it out today!

  • Automatic Classification Forms Generation. Instead of manually classifying forms and matching record types, automatically generate them from database column names and row data. Connect to almost any database type, and Capture can connect and convert database info into classification form definitions.
  • In Zone Configuration, OCR zones that are created with the same names as index fields are now automatically mapped.
  • Auto Zone Creation. New zones can now be created automatically for new zone definition profiles. Regular expressions match against OCR text on a form and create zones automatically with minimal user configuration.
  • Accelerated Zone Profile Configuration. Allows for users to create Zone Profiles in the Index module without having to return to document type configuration. Used in situations where a document fails to trigger the correct profile, the current profile needs adjusting, or another profile needs to be selected.